Monday, April 29, 2013

Viva la Vida

We all seem to find those places to go that are our home away from home. For the Gilmore Girls, it was Luke’s. For Friends, it was Central Perk. For Courtney and myself, it’s Vida.

The decor is bright and cheerful, with a colorful chalkboard lining a wall

Starting the day off with a hot (now iced, thank you spring) coffee, reading blogs, catching up on emails, is how I find balance in my day. I don’t remember when we found it or realized how important it was to us, but Vida has been our meeting spot/studying spot all semester. We have shared good news, bad news, stressed over tests, fawned over online shopping, and much more here.

As far as coffee goes, we have used our usual thriftiness in creating delectable coffee. Starting with the base coffee, each visit involves sampling a new flavor added to our coffee. Adding a splash of almond milk completes the coffee with that perfect touch of nuttiness. 

Who knows the places we will find in the future that bring a sense of home, but for now to Vida we will go and in turn work on living “la Buena vida”.

What are your favorite spots? What is your favorite coffee drink?

Top photo taken by Katie; others accumulated by Courtney and her Instagram-happy tendencies over the weeks.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Best

It's been far far far too long since our last post, so in honor of our return we snapped some outfit photos before heading to church this morning!  Before we get to that though, about our Saturday night:

When Katie and I were in Naples, we saw a preview for The Big Wedding, a film that looked right up our alley.  Comedy, actors we love (umm Diane Keaton? Robert DeNiro? Amanda Seyfried?), and of course weddings!

Well, now it's in theaters, and you can bring your date for free by purchasing your tickets here.  Never ones to pass up on a good deal, we utilized this and went last night, sneaking in our bottles of soda like pros.

Now, reviewers didn't take too kindly to this movie.  I think Rotten Tomatoes had it listed at something like 5%.  To that I say, whatever.  So it might not have been the most original or intellectually stimulating movie.  It was entertaining and had us grinning til the end, which is all you really need in a movie sometimes.  And Robin Williams playing a Catholic priest.

So don't let the reviews prevent you from seeing this if you rather like those "typical romcoms", because you will probably really enjoy this one as much as we did.

After the movie we were feeling the need for a sugar rush, so naturally we went to our favorite frozen yogurt place in town, Orange Leaf.  Let me tell you, if you haven't been to an Orange Leaf, you haven't really lived.  It is so freaking good.  

Katie and I go for the more dessert-y flavors like brownie batter, red velvet, peanut butter, and chocolate cake, but there are also fruitier varieties like mango, pineapple, and strawberry.  And then there are truly wacky flavors like cotton candy.  So really there's something for everyone.  I feel like I should be getting a check in the mail for raving like this, or at least a discount;)

After getting our froyo fix, we headed back to the Engle casa and ended the evening with Gilmore Girls and magazines.  We couldn't stay up too terribly late since we were going to church in the morning!

We awoke to Mama Engle graciously blended up some green smoothies with her weapon of choice (the VitaMix), and had just enough time to take a few outfit shots.  

On Katie: Top- jcp; jeans- Loft; flats- Payless

Necklace- kate spade new york (isn't it lovely?)

ring- Nerinx Hall class ring; watch- Michael Kors

On Courtney- dress- ASOS; cardigan- Mama Engle's closet (unknown!); wedges- Anthropologie
Holy moly am I pale.  

Bangle- Forever XXI; purse- Vince Camuto

And a colorful close-up of our shoes!

Hope that makes up a little for our long absence from the blogosphere. 

Until next time!

Courtney and Katie

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