Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Little Bit of Elle Woods

In addition to being a full-time student at the University of Missouri, I started working at a bank last month as a teller.  With the position comes quite a lot of work and responsibility, but I enjoy the learning experience and the challenges...

...and the paychecks, let's be honest.

Banking is, of course, a conservative field, which means there isn't a whole lot of room for stylish expression (tellers have more lax dress codes than higher positions though), but I still like to find ways of incorporating my personal taste into outfits.

Exhibit A: Bright pink. 

Top: Joe Fresh for jcp; skirt: Goodwill; purse: Nine West; flats: Target

In the form of a simple knee-length skirt, the girly color gets a businessy makeover.  Because of the 83 degree weather, I paired it with a white eyelet top and a basic white cardigan for indoors because I'm always cold inside.  

Looking back, my legs would've totally looked not as stocky with heels, but I have neither the pain tolerance nor enough care to endure four hours on my feet with anything other than flats. 

In the words of Elle Woods, "No more boring suits or pantyhose!"

Which reminds me, I should probably start spraying perfume on my resumes...

Happy May Day/Hump Day to all!



  1. Nice outfit! Like your skirt ;)

  2. super cute, and nice look!!
    hope u like my purposes as i loved your blog
    Sergio, xx

  3. cute look, I like the bright pink skirt!

  4. I love the top- so cute!

  5. Love the bright pink! I start my internship this Monday and can't wait to find some cute work outfits!


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