Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Courtney's 101 in 1001

Katie and I love lists. Especially Katie. She has inspired me to write daily to-do lists on sticky notes and put them in my agenda, serving as a means of planning ahead for the day and holding me accountable for how I use my time.

That's why we both let out a little squeal when we saw this post by Mackenzie of Design Darling.  Here's how she prefaces it:

For me, 1001 days (2.75 years) is a happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucket list. It's a way to dream big and make regular progress toward meeting those longer term goals. 

I immediately created a new note on my MacBook for the occasion and went to work on my own list, occasionally drawing inspiration from other bloggers. And let me tell you, writing this list has given me the best feeling- hope and excitement about the future and what it holds. 1001 days from now is in 2016, when - if all goes as planned - I'll be in my final year of the master's accountancy program at Mizzou. Crazy!

Here's my list, and I hope I can inspire at least one reader to start her own:

101 in 1001
End date: January 31, 2016

1. Move into *my* first house {July 2013!}
2. Travel to the Eastern seaboard
3. Donate $100 to charities {$6/$100}
4. Attend the Kentucky Derby (or at least a theme party) or a polo match
5. Run a 5K
6. Take an impromptu road trip {August 2013}
7. Use my typewriter to write 10 kind letters {2/10}
8. Go skinny dipping {July 2013}
9. Get a credit card and start building up my credit {May 2013}
10. Go to a drybar
11. Buy a bouquet of flowers for no good reason
12. Go to a blogger meet-up/convention
13. Don't complain for an entire day
14. Go sailing
15. Be recognized for outstanding work at my job (June 2013!)
16. Be finished with orthodontics (sooooon)
17. Read and complete 50 novels {4/50}
18. Make a meal completely from scratch
19. Ride a Vespa/moped {July 2013}
20. Watch all 50 classic Matchbook girl movies {22/50}
21. Buy something with a Lilly Pulitzer print
22. Kiss in the rain (cheesy but whatev)
23. Go to the movie theater solo
24. Have a garage sale {June 2013}
25. Find a new hobby {5/5/13!}
26. Take a ballroom dancing lesson
27. Backpack across Europe
28. Go on a float trip or camping
29. Pay for a stranger's coffee
30. Reach $6000 in my travel money market account {$2500/$1000}
31. Make or join a book club
32. Compliment a stranger 50 times {3/50}
33. Go to a drive-in movie {June 2013}
34. Golf at a country club
35. Speak in public without feeling nervous {class presentation- 5/6/13!}
36. Attend a music festival
37. Host a backyard barbeque in the summer
38. Bake treats for my coworkers
39. Feel completely confident in a swimsuit
40. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
41. Learn how to grill food on a barbecue
42. Complete Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred
43. See a band I love in concert
44. Go to a Cardinal's game with Katie
45. Master a Brigitte Bardot-inspired bouffant hairstyle
56. Learn how to change a tire
56. Give blood
57. Buy a portable hammock and use it in warm weather
58. Find a tea flavor that I actually like
59. Make 10 mix CDs for people I care about {2/10}
60. Improve my awful flexibility- be able to bend down and touch toes
61. Cut out artificial sweeteners for a week
62. Go geocaching
63. Vote in local elections
64. Go on a wine tasting trip (when I'm legal...)
65. Ask a boy out on a date
66. Dress up and go to either a ballet or symphony
67. Hold a plank for 3 minutes
68. Purchase something Kate Spade {5/13/13!}
69. Go to a masquerade ball
70. Try meditating every morning for a week
71. Join a small group/Bible study {June 2013}
72. Run outside in a sports bra and shorts
73. Learn how to use chopsticks and not be that clueless white girl
74. Leave a 100% tip
75. Get 50 blog followers on Bloglovin' {6/50}
76. Open a separate savings account specifically for travel funds {May 2013!}
77. Meet a friend through blogging
78. Host a dinner party
79. See a play at the Fox
80. Learn how to tie a tie
81. Weight train 3 times a week for a month
82. Get a basket for my bike
83. Become a pen pal with someone overseas
84. Have a picnic in a park
85. Visit the Downton Abbey castle
86. Hustle Up the Hancock race
87. Go horseback riding
88. Take piano lessons
89. Treat my mom to a day of pampering/not having to do anything
90. Go a week without getting externally annoyed with sister (and hopefully longer)
91. Go to the county fair
92. Volunteer at a soup kitchen/food bank
93. Have something different for lunch every day for a week
94. Create a Facebook page for the Hunter-Gatherers
95. Plant flowers
96. Start a little vegetable garden in the backyard
97. Go antiquing
98. Get a 4.0 for an academic year
99. Be in the audience of the Today Show
100. Attend 3 weddings
101. Come up with 101 things {phew, that took a while- 5/7/13!}

I have a lot of work to do!


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