Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Wants

Happy Saturday ya'll!

There are oh so many cute items out there this season. I feel like I should hide my wallet whenever my laptop is open! Here are a few things I'm coveting:

In clockwise order from top:
1) Spade bangle in turquoise from Design Darling; turquoise and gold make for an amazing combo.
2) Slip neck tee from Kate Spade Saturday; a not-so-ordinary top that I would probably manage to wear, ohhh, all the time?
3) Nude pumps from Vince Camuto; classic shape + genuine leather + unbeatable price = most likely my next purchase.
4) Polka-dot swimsuit from J. Crew; I'm a total sucker for high-waisted retro suits.
5) Sunglasses from Loft; I love the combination of tortoiseshell on the front and paisley on the sides.
6) Lobster iPhone cases by Tory Burch; such a fun idea!

This was way too fun for me to curate, so I'll definitely be making this a weekly thing-- after I hide my debit card.


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