Friday, May 3, 2013

Instagram Round-Up

We think it would be fun to start a new fixture on our blog called the Instagram Round-Up. We haven't hashed out the specifics, like how often it will occur, but basically we will post a few of our favorite pictures we've Instagrammed lately!

Side note from Courtney: I used to be opposed to Instagram for some reason, probably just because I am wary about social media in general, but now I have this great appreciation for it. Getting to see how people capture and interpret what happens in their lives (especially celebrities...) without the unnecessary dialog is so much fun.

It's basically a dream come true for my photographic/nosy self.

Without further ado...

I love walking through Stars Hollow;) -c

Smoothie sippin' out of the cutest plastic mason jar- from Walmart! -c

New Kate Spade lotion for my inner girly girl -c

Dining al fresco and catching up with a friend.
(Best turkey apple brie sandwich you'll ever have courtesy of Ingredient) -c

Brought a smile to my face while walking to class.  It just happened to be May Day as well!  -k

Raspberry chocolate chip pancakes...mindblowingly good -c

The brunch setup - c

Happy Friday! Hope everyone who is reading has a restful and indulgent weekend:) I like this quote from Lily Tomlin:

"For fast-acting relief, try slowing down."

Katie & Courtney

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1 comment:

  1. Hello from Orange County, CA.....cute pics! It's midnight here and looking at those tempting! Must control urge to head to kitchen for a late night snack. Great blog post!

    Now following you!



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