Friday, July 26, 2013


Just thought I'd make an update on my outfit of the day from yesterday! The dress is from the Duro Olowu collaboration with jcp. It, along with several of the line's other pieces, were sent to the clearance racks rather quickly, probably because the quality is definitely lacking, but when I saw this easy breezy sundress marked down to $10 last month, I had to take my chances. So far so good...

Dress: jcp; flats: Vince Camuto; bag: Zara; watch: Macy's

Have a wonderful weekend! Mine's going to be packed (no pun intended) with moving into my new place and doing last minute preparations for <gulp> jaw surgery on Wednesday. More on that extremely nerve-wracking prospect to come!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Orange Crush

When I was a toddler, I was obsessed with hats. I wore one around the house, splashing in the kiddy pool, even while potty training. As I got older, my hat fetish died down, but today I decided to humor my two-year-old self.

Hat: Urban Outfitters; top: Goodwill; shorts: Forever XXI; sandals: Target

Paired with one of my favorite orange summery shirts, a straw hat was just the accessory needed to complete this simple outfit for my day off. 


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Meet Me in the Garden

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Meet Marissa:

Marissa is one of my best frands, and will also be one of my roommates in just a couple weeks (huzzahhhh!). We've gotten to hang out a bunch the past couple months, going to the pool and playing sand volleyball and other summery things, for which I am very thankful! Marissa always looks adorable, so it's only natural that she guest-starred in a post.

We met up on the hottest day of the season thus far at a pretty garden (where we both had our high school senior pictures done, coincidentally) and took turns posing before melting going shopping for new house essentials. 

On Marissa: top: Language Los Angeles; skirt: Forever XXI; flats: Gianni Bini; sunglasses: Target

On Courtney: top: BCBG; shorts: New York & Co.; wedges: Old Navy; sunglasses: LOFT

Our arm candy:

Marissa: watch: Target; ring: homemade

Courtney: top three bracelets: LOFT; bottom: unknown {womp wooomp}

From the blooper reel- this is apparently what I look like when a bee flies too close:

Oh, and Marissa's lip color is "Cana" by Aveda.

If you made it through all these photos, then kudos to you! 


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend Wants

From left to right:

1. Gap printed shirtdress

2. Jeweliq necklace

3. LOFT leather sandals

4. Banana Republic dolman blouse 

5. Bauble Bar python bangle

6. Old Navy seahorse shorts

Just a few summery items I've been lusting over recently!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Navy + Yellow { + Garage Sailing }

Happy Friday lovely readers! I forget how much I love the pairing of navy and bright yellow- it's summery and nautical. And although I'm nowhere near an ocean to actually go sailing, I am doing my fair share of garage sailing this morning- well, manning the cash box and making friendly conversation (and nursing a big iced coffee to stay awake so early).

I wore this outfit to work yesterday and threw on the lacy jacket from my previous post to make the frigid air conditioning more bearable.

Blouse: Target; skirt: jcp: flats: Payless

Necklace: H&M

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Can you believe it's almost July?! 


Monday, June 24, 2013

MAXI'n and Relaxin'

Yesterday was h-o-t. I started off the day wearing this light lacy jacket but shed it only a few muggy minutes later. And a brief disclosure: lots of outfit pictures were taken to compensate for my recent lacking!

jacket: Forever XXI; dress: jcp; bracelet/necklace/sunglasses: LOFT

jeweled sandals: Old Navy

My weekend was filled with pool time, night games of sand volleyball, shootin' some bball outside of the school at the gym. Summer is officially here, and my arsenal of SPF 50 says BRING IT.


P.S. - Thanks again, Mom, for taking the photos! {I assume she'll read this sometime...} ;)
P.P.S.- I hope I got the Fresh Prince song stuck in all of y'alls heads ;) ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dress + Cardigan = Foolproof

Aside from the accounting practice set that I've been assigned to do before school starts, the only equation I'm working with this summer is the above.  Flouncy sundresses take up a pretty big chunk of my summer wardrobe, and with good reason- they're cute, they're not clingy in sticky Midwest humidity, and they're so incredibly easy.  I don't know about you, but it can be stressful to try to pair a top with some pants or a skirt, especially if you're running late.  They're also incredibly versatile- wear a dress with a blazer or cardigan for work or on its own for bebopping (my new favorite verb) around town.

But I'm probably preaching to the choir- if you're reading this, there's a good chance you love dresses as much as I do, so I'll stop gushing now and instead post my outfit for this beautiful day!

Dress: Jason Wu for Target; cardigan: LOFT; flats: Payless; watch: Macy's; belt: JCP; crappy phone quality courtesy of the iPhone 4 (I need to upgrade...)

And a quick shout-out to my awesome shoes: I ordered these after returning my Tory Burch flats that mutilated my heels, and lemmetellyou they are TEN TIMES BETTER! And way waaay more affordable. Katie has some too; she was the one who introduced me to them. The soles are made with two layers of Memoryfoam so it's kind of like prancing around on cumulus clouds all day. You can buy them here!

In other news, right now I'm on my lunch break, sipping iced coffee outside of Panera and eating my packed lunch (just call me Ms. Frugal). Just in case you wanted to know:)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


Monday, June 17, 2013

Well Hello There, Talbots.

Talbots was always a store I associated with, well, grandmas.  As a grumpy preteen tagging along with my mom on shopping trips, I'd be forced to spend precious Hollister/American Eagle time among the utterly boring cardigans and bermuda shorts.

Fast-forward to present day, and it's now one of my favorite stores in the mall. (Actually, that's not saying much considering the Columbia Mall is a bit pathetic.)  Maybe it's the fact that I'm now in a workplace environment that necessitates the "boring" stuff, or maybe it's because I'm now old enough to appreciate the quality and timelessness of a lot of their clothes.

I left there yesterday with a classic navy pima cotton cardigan, but I can't tell you how tempted I was by some of the other items. I tried on this dress and fell in love:

The dress behind me was also super cute- it definitely had a Lilly Pulitzer vibe going.

Other items of note:

Adorable patent bow belt in lots of fun colors

Nautical knot necklace

Starfish sandals

They're having a 30% off everything sale in stores and online, so hurry if you see anything you like!


(This is not a sponsored post, even though it may seem like it} ;)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Smoothies in Style

Columbia has officially succumbed to the healthy smoothie trend, and I am just fine with that. There's a place that opened recently called Suite Leaf that offers meal-replacement smoothies that 1) incorporate HerbaLife products, 2) have a bunch of protein and are thus quite filling, 3) are all less than 230 calories, and 4) come in a lot of delicious flavors. You think it, they probably have it-- butter pecan, blueberry muffin, Snickers, cinnamon roll, etc.

Katie and I went when it first opened, but today on this sweltering day I brought my friend Megan along for a refreshing "lunch". We even got some outfit photos without melting!

On Courtney- dress: Express; shoes: American Eagle; purse: Nine West; bangle: Forever XXI; sunglasses: Loft

On Megan (she's got that blogger pose down pat!)- dress: Maurices; heels: Marshall's; bracelets: Loft and American Eagle; sunglasses: Fossil; purse: Coach

A little note about Megan: we met in our high school astronomy class and became fast friends. I count her as one of my closest girls, and if you heard our conversations you would probably think we were crazy/from a different planet. We can laugh 'til our abs ache but then we also have some deep, thought-provoking talks. Love ya girl!:) 

My dress collar kept flipping up in the breeze!

So I just went with it.

Meg didn't know what pose to do next.

I think she was singing "Mirrors" despite looking as though she's doing the Soulja Boy.

The freckles are starting to come out of hiding!

Megan got the German Chocolate and I opted for Turtle Cheesecake. Both were delicious! If you're in the area, give it a try! Smoothies are $5, which, considering they're a meal, isn't that steep. You get a complimentary "aloe shot" to drink beforehand which helps with digestion, and if you're willing to pay an extra $2 you get a metabolism-boosting iced tea. 

Say selfie!


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