Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Will Travel For Ice Cream

Finals are quickly approaching, so we've been spending as much time together as possible so we can maybe get sick of each other to cram in everything on our joint to-do list before Katie leaves.  (Again, lists are a recurring thing with us.)

One of our to-do's was to visit Central Dairy, a state-famous ice cream shop in the heart of Missouri's capital. This afternoon, a rarity of not having class or work, was the perfect day to fulfill this. We piled in my trusty Honda and set off on the half-hour drive to Jeff City, while Amos Lee and Sara Bareilles provided the perfect soundtrack.

Walking downtown felt a little bit like Stars Hollow with its historic building fronts and local cafes.  On the way to Central Dairy we walked by a charming little flower shop where pictures were mandatory. 

On Courtney- top: jcp; skirt: Goodwill via Talbots; flats: Tory Burch; sunglasses + headband: Target; necklace: Forever XXI

On Katie: dress:  Macy's  jacket: Old Navy flats: Payless; sunglasses: Nordstrom

 We are apparently both fascinated by something on the ground.

The shop owner saw us doin' our thing and sweetly acted as photographer for the next two shots:

All that posing worked up a big appetite! Central Dairy was a hopping place, especially for a Tuesday afternoon. It was so tough to choose two flavors, but luckily we were able to sample a couple.

We finally picked our poisons (Katie got Caramel Caribou and Tiger Tracks and I got Caramel Caribou and Muddy River)

Afterwards we took a stroll up the hill to the capitol building. It wasn't all smooth sailing though: I stupidly wore my new flats without breaking them in first, which resulted in very painful cuts on my heels (Tory B if you're reading this I'm not very happy with you girl) and making a trip into the post office to ask for band-aids. The things we do for fashion.

A group of elementary school kids on a field trip were taking a picture on the steps, which we both had the privilege of experiencing in our younger days:)

Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon! We both highly recommend Central Dairy for anyone visiting the Jeff City area, but a word of advice- go on a weekday when it won't be crawling with people. Unless you are a fan of crowds, then by all means go on Saturday! It'll still taste delicious.

Courtney & Katie


  1. You guys are adorable!! And my sister went to WashU, and their big thing was the frozen custard at Ted Drewe's.. (or something like that?) Have you guys been? It's SOOO good!!

    1. Aw thanks Caroline! Yes we have definitely been to Ted Drewe's, it's divine! A group of us went over Christmas break when it was freezing and had to huddle for warmth in the car with the heater on... worth it;)


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